Mr. Wizard's Woes

by MC Breath



Mr. Wizard's Woes is The 7th release by everyone's favorite curmudgeonly prick; MC Breath.

It features CLASSIC songs about failure, war criminals, death, rip-offs, body parts, pastries, celebrities being dicks, more failure, tabloid talk show hosts, natural disasters, vehicular manslaughter, and witnessing your hopes and dreams disintegrate before your very eyes.

It is rumored to be MC Breath at his most brilliant. A true magnum opus; which would make sense, considering MC Breath is also rumored to wear Magnum CONDOMS! Just kidding...MC Breath doesn't wear condoms.

Listen to this fucking album right now and it will change your life for the better. Be the first on your block to say "Oh, I heard Mr. Wizard's Woes BEFORE it went VIRAL!" That's right, it has been predicted that this album will SWEEP THE NATION, so what the FUCK are you waiting for!?! LISTEN NOW!!!!


released October 6, 2015

Drums, Synths, Samples, Raps by MC Breath.

Oh, and Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by MC Breath, as well.

Yes, and Artwork, Design, Photography, also by MC Breath.

Wait, one other thing, ALL songs Written by MC Breath, EXCEPT for High Hopes, which was written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn (don't sue), but MC Breath arranged it. Note: It is the version made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dorris Day, and Laverne and Shirley NOT the fucking Pink Floyd song.

Thank you to Peter, Mark, Alex, and Sebastian Doggart.



all rights reserved


MC Breath Providence, Rhode Island

MC Breath is a rapper & producer dude from Providence, Rhode Island making nifty bass-laden musical beats and kooky, clever, wicked retahhded, irreverent rhymes since 1999.

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Track Name: High Hopes (1 of 4)
Just when you're found
with your chin on the ground
there's a lot to be learned
so look around.
Track Name: Condoleezza Rice
No one likes to think about the Bush administration
Or the first Black, female, Secretary of State of the nation
Condoleezza, if you please-a, the English translation
"With Sweetness" from Italian, I tell ya, quite the exaggeration.

"I would end up teaching kids to murder."


Prior to 9/11 Rice was given a presentation
providing tips of threats from an extremist organization.
That wanted to wage war on Western civilization
terrorizing the entire US population,
but Condi ignored the threats and while Bush was on vacation
airplanes crashed into the towers creating instant cremation.
So when Rutgers asked Rice if she would speak at graduation
she declined due to a mass student organized demonstration!

"And, yes, there will be mistake."


"Ideologies that caused September 11th
that caused September 11th.
Ideologies caused September 11th
I..I..I..caused September 11th
I caused September 11th
September 11th."

"Hi, I'm Leeza Gibbons."

After PM Magazine's unfortunate cancellation
Miss Leeza Gibbon's co-hosted ET for the CBS station.
Before John Tesh blessed us with musical masturbation
the musical equivalent of moderate sedation
which bored people into varying states of hibernation
he was Leeza's co-host on ET way before syndication.
And if I had to choose between his music or castration;
I would much rather endure genital mutilation.

Back to Leeza, tabloid journalist she lists as her vocation
her specialty's celebrity gossip and exploitation
so when she interviewed Condi there were no expectations
Leeza met Condoleezza at the local Souplantation
Condi had Yankee Clam Chowder with farm raised crustaceans.
She almost ordered lava cake but resisted temptation.
Leeza drank Tequiza which is piss plus carbonation
while picking on a muffin while making inane conversation.

Leeza had the chance to ask about Condi's proclamation
that Sadaam Hussein had WMD's set for detonation
or how water boarding was an approved method of interrogation
or the thousands of civilians that died during the occupation
not to mention the US soldiers that came back with amputations
No instead she asked where she shops for shoes and fished for information
about who Condi is currently dating and expressed admiration
for her makeup application and use of skin exfoliation!

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."


"Condoleeza Rice should be in fucking jail!"